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Eliminate Public Prayer in Canada, Secularists Will Argue Before Supreme Court

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (September 22, 2014) The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA) has been granted intervenor status in a potentially landmark Supreme Court of Canada case on the role of religion in the public square.

The CSA has filed a factum and will present oral testimony on October 14th in Mouvement la?que québécois v. City of Saguenay, arguing for the elimination of public prayer in all municipal councils across Canada.

“Religious prayers may reflect tradition, but exclusionary behaviour does not reflect contemporary Canadian values,” said CSA Spokesperson Justin Trottier. “City hall is the seat of representative public power where each citizen is welcomed equally.”

While the CSA wholeheartedly supports individual freedom of religious expression, government infrastructure must never be used to host rituals which single out particular groups for special attention.

“In Canada there is no such thing as a Christian city,” said Trottier. “Religious services belong in places of worship and not in government.”


Justin Trottier
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